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Welcome to Targumaster!

Who we are:


Targumaster is a team of professional translators, writers and editors who use their literary talents to benefit clients in Jewish society and the world at large. As a company employing a solely Jewish staff, we identify with your target audience, appreciate their distinct societal nuances and sensitivities, and own the capacity and experience to deliver a message uniquely tailored to them. 


Our mission:


We see it as our mission to render excellent translation and original writing that capture your message precisely and convey your unique tone to foreign audiences.  Through attentive, one-on-one dialogue with our clients, Targumaster successfully produces well-written prose that reads so naturally in the target language that readers would never guess it was translated. Our aim is to enable our clients to express themselves fluidly in other languages, thereby expanding their market to impress millions of new readers on a global level.  




For over fifteen years, Targumaster’s writers and translators have graced the Jewish world with quality original and translated prose. The company, with headquarters in the greater Jerusalem area and a NY branch, was founded by Esther Perkal, a native Israeli raised in the USA who graduated with a masters of arts before returning to live in Israel.  As a gifted author and editor, she, like many Anglos living in Israel and abroad, was appalled by the poorly-translated and misspelled publications, books, advertisements store signs, and even municipal signs decorating the streets.


The solution was Targumaster, a Hebrew-English translation service offering localized translation which precisely captures the inherent meaning of text while suiting it to the reading tastes of eclectic target audiences.  As the years passed, customer demand increased to include promotional writing and translation in additional languages. In response, Targumaster gradually opened its doors to professional translators, copywriters, editors, and proofreaders who provide these services in a variety of languages. Presently, the company is proud to offer quality translation from Hebrew and English into French, Spanish, Yiddish, German, and Russian, and we look forward to meeting the challenge of filling our customers’ future requests. 


Our satisfied customers:


Since 2004, Targumaster has serviced all sectors of Jewish society, including unaffiliated, modern-orthodox, and ultra-orthodox/chareidi, allowing clients to communicate their message in a tone close to their heart with the style and sensitivities preferred by their readership. Hundreds of customers commend us for quality work, efficiency, and our personal, friendly touch!


Our clients include corporate and private clients; international publishing houses, authors and Torah scholars; newspapers and magazines; government, publicity, law and accounting offices; a vast array of non-profit institutions including educational networks and charities, mosdos tzeddaka and chessed, etcetera.


We look forward to assisting you! 

Contact Us!




(972) 074-703-5072


​Address: 7/2 Orbach St.

                Beitar Illit 90500



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