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Medical Documents

Medical Translation & Transcription

*Summaries of medical reports*

 *Translation of clinical trials*

*Medical newsletters*

Accuracy. Speed. Sensitivity.

Confidentiality guaranteed.

Medical jargon is a language all its own. That’s why we employ qualified medical translators with knowledge and experience in a wide range of health-related fields to accurately translate your medical documents and records.

Highly-Skilled Professionals

Targum Master’s medical translators possess substantial training and experience in the field of health and medicine which qualify them to supply accurate medical translations, medical transcriptions, and summaries of medical reports in English that can be used by doctors and hospitals worldwide.  In addition, our translators will sift through hundreds of pages of medical documents in order to create a single clear, concise report detailing all relevant medical information to present to foreign specialists and medical teams.


Your health is important to us! We understand that time is of the essence. We provide speedy, efficient service while guaranteeing the precision, accuracy, and quality of the translated document. Medical emergencies are rated top priority, and we go out of our way, often working through the night to facilitate the needs of patients traveling abroad for treatment.


We respect your privacy and commit to absolute confidentiality. If you require us to sign a confidentiality agreement before sending any material, we will sign an NDA in advance of any submissions.


Wishing all our customers and their families a speedy recovery!

We also translate:

  • Clinical Trials

  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

  • Medical Journals

  • Healthcare Leaflets

  • Company newsletters

  • Regulatory Documents

  • Patient Recruitment Materials

  • Informed Consent Forms (ICF)

  • Clinical Study Agreements and contracts

  • Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)

  • Case Report Forms (CRF)

  • User manuals for medical devices

  • Test procedures

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