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You put your blood, sweat and tears into your book. 


Let us polish it to a shine!




With extensive experience and attention to accuracy, Targumaster supports the production of professional, error-free publications.




  • We edit and proofread all printed media - novels, magazine and news articles, Biblical and Talmudic volumes.


  • We review text three times to ensure that all errors and inaccuracies are detected and corrections are in place.


  • We polish text to facilitate smooth reading, editing and replacing words and phrases as necessary.


  • We edit print material for accurate grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


  • We study content for storyline consistency, sensible timeline of events, historical errors, and realistic detail.


  • We ensure consistent page layout, proper footnote placement, and uniform translation/transliteration.


  • We verify all cross-references and quotes and ensure correct verse reference and consistent translation/transliteration in all published volumes.


  • We proofread print-ready magazine pages for typographical errors and review for layout consistency: color and design, fonts and spacing, captions and pull-quotes, and page template accuracy.


  • We prepare serialized novels for publication in book form, editing and revising text and storylines to suit chapter book format.



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